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Submit all documents in the following order to the GSM Student Services Office in Gallagher Hall Room 1101 by the application deadline, Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

  • Personal Data Form
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcripts
    Most recent copies of all college level work including UC Davis (copies are acceptable).
  • Study Plan
    This form should list all the courses you propose to take at the host school.
    As a One-way Exchange applicant (with the exception of HKUST), you will also need to have the list approved and signed by the GSM Associate Dean and the Graduate Advisor. Make sure both their signatures are on the form before submitting it with your application.
  • Copies of Correspondence
    For One-Way Exchanges applicants (with the exception of HKUST) only. Include all correspondence you have had with the prospective host school detailing the school's approval of the one-way exchange, their beginning and ending term dates, fee policy, and the classes you are eligible to take as a visiting student.

Click here for the Application. (Contains all of the required documents in a single file)

Please Note: To receive more than 12 units for your study abroad, you need to have approval by the GSM Associate Dean when you submit your application. On your study plan, please indicate how many units you intend on receiving for your study abroad. Requests for more than 12 units will not be approved after you have returned from your study abroad.

You may withdraw your application at any time during the application/selection process by submitting a letter, addressed to Kathy Gleed, explaining your decision to withdraw your application.

Financial Aid
Students receiving financial aid to attend UCD should continue to receive that aid while abroad as long as the eligibility factors for that aid do not change.
  Every student who is selected to participate in the exchange program must meet with the UC Davis Financial Aid Coordinator to confirm eligibility for financial aid prior to going abroad.

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International Exchange Programs Application Procedure

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